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If you have a comment you wish to share, but are unable to check into the morning CARF Net – please post it below:

23 comments to For the Net

  • KC5FM

    Using the W4AX tuner , I listened to the net this morning. During the summer months, conditions are not as good as during the winter months. I know folks don’t hear my mobile signal well during the winter. Why even try during the summer?

    At any rate, it was good to hear the familiar voices on the Christian Amateur Radio Fellowship Net this morning.

    Be Blessed and 73

    Lloyd, KC5FM

  • We need prayer for Glen R in Park Falls.
    Has cancer.

  • Can’t check in up in Park Falls WI
    73 to all.

    • Norm KG0ND

      Glen R is on the prayer list.
      WE have prayed for him.
      Would like to hear you check some morning.
      We have MPLS stations check in regular.

  • George Kimball K4UGO

    I enjoy checking into the net and keeping in touch with you guys. Wish we had more amateurs from the brotherhood checking in. I try to attend the North American and the Kiamichi Clinic each year. It’s not always possible for me.


    Not able to be on air as much as before. Here is wishing all of you a very thankful thanksgiving with
    your family! We do live in a very great country, and I am proud to be an American living in a
    Great land! KG0ND

  • Herbert Brewer Herbert Brewer

    We miss you Norm

  • KC5THP Jose Cortinas

    I listen to the net as often as possible. Thank you for it. I use a Swan 270 with a Swan 1200x amp so I don’t always am heard. Thank you again and God Bless. 73’s


    Greetings all. I am a SWL and monitor the net mainly from online streaming sites. Recently using remote receivers at Very good copy most of the time. Other steaming sites are: and One of the purposes of this net is to share church news. The church building were I worship in Searcy Arkansas had a fire. No one hurt but will not be able to assemble there for 3 months. See:

  • D.B. Honeycutt

    I used to be a member, will start checking in again as soon as I get a HF antenna up. My Call is WB4BRV, I used to live in Erwin Tenn. Can you check your past list and see if I’m on it Thanks D.B.

  • D.B. Honeycutt

    I bought a Ten Tec Jupiter in Oct. 2012, Still hav’nt got an antenna up yet, will probably get on the air sometime this week, and I’ve been thinking about this net, I always enjoyed it when I could check in I attend Central Church Of Christ in Johnson City Tenn, our regular attendance is around 500 we were down this morning due to a snow and ice storm. How much are dues to join CARF. Thanks D.B.

  • Wayne Mc Osker

    I thank everyone for the e-mails and prayers for Nadeen. After she has her treadmill on Mon March 5th
    They will be able to get a diagnosis as to the real problem.

    Wayne and Nadeen

  • N0JAO

    I need to find some one who has the book for a Heathkit DX-60 and matching vfo – trying to help out a potential ham who wants set up an early tube type station.
    I gave him the DX 60 I built in 1965 but lost track of the book for it. tnx guys

    Pat N0JAO

  • Tom Dickerson

    Early Christians were not called Christians but rather disciples. You were a disciple of the Rabi you followed. In the later years of Christ ministry the term Christian was not a complement. But rather a finger pointing of someone who followed, (you know who). Today we like being called a Christian and would balk at being called a disciple. Why? Because being a disciple carries a greater commitment. A higher standard. How serious are we today? Are you a Christian or a Disciple?

    Just food for thought
    Tom ka9noo

  • WB4BRV

    I was a member in 1967-1970. My work took me to places where it was almost impossible to check in. I’m retired now so I’ve been checking in more often. In the early years we all had the same QSL card. It had a beautiful poem on it cant remember all of it but the last line was “Is it any wonder God hears and answers prayers” If any one has that poem and could send it to me I will be grateful THANKS D.B. WB4BRV

  • WB4BRV

    Here is the poem that used to be on our QSL cards
    If radio’s slim fingers, can pluck a melody from night, and toss it across a continent or sea
    If petalled white notes of a violin, are thrown across a mountain or a city din
    If songs like crimson roses are drawn from the thin blue air
    Then why do mortals wonder if God hears and answers prayer


    Well, will keep trying both the 40m & 80m nets (when I wake early or can’t sleep). This AM 80m was in and out and the distance plus my 500W & 2:1 SWR just couldn’t make it though you heard me down in the noise. Thanks for the website & the nets. Will attempt 40m in 15 minutes. God bless. Bill – K5GJQ

  • Bobby Watkins

    i need to apoligize for my speech since my stroke i try hard to say what i want to but it doesnt work .i enjoy all the nets and the people.i believe prayer works . thanks for all you do for me . Bobby KB8LNI

  • Adam Grose

    Tried to check in to the net today, but I guess the MAC was not able to hear me. I will try again next week. 73, and have a good week!!!!

    Adam, KC7DVF
    CARF #905

  • Adam Grose

    Oops… NCS,not MAC. Sorry. Fat fingers.


    Adam … sorry to hear that. The band can sure be fickle. We all try to listen and relay stations in. Thanks for trying and we look forward to hearing you next week.