CARF 50th Anniversary ShirtCARF 50th Anniversary T-Shirt & Sweatshirt

Join in celebrating 50 years of CARF! Dave Bushong, WB8TLZ, is taking the lead on this. You may contact him directly with any questions:, or 989-823-8444.

Please print this page and fill out the information below to order your own T-shirt or sweatshirt.

Even if you have already indicated interest via the net, e-mail, or other method, please USE THE FORM BELOW. This will ensure that all orders are processed and that each order is correctly fulfilled!

CARF 50th Anniversary Shirt Order Form

Name: ____________________________________ Call Sign: __________

Street: ________________________________________

City: ________________________ State: ________ Zip Code: ______

Item Size Quantity Price* Extended Amount
 T-Shirt  S   19.00
 T-Shirt  M   19.00
 T-Shirt  L   19.00
 T-Shirt  XL   19.00
 T-Shirt  2XL   19.00
 T-Shirt  3XL   19.00
 Sweatshirt  S   31.50
 Sweatshirt  M   31.50
 Sweatshirt  L   31.50
 Sweatshirt  XL   31.50
 Sweatshirt  2XL   31.50
 Sweatshirt  3XL   31.50
Total: $

Price includes shipping*

Please make check payable to CARF and send this order form along with your check to:

Mr. Dave Bushong, WB8TLZ
Attn: CARF Shirt Order
4846 Dorothy Drive
Vassar, MI 48768



Custom caps, shirts and jackets embroidered with our CARF logo are also available from HamThreads.