Prayer List – 12 Feb 2016

Pray for The United States of America

Pray for President Trump & his cabinet appointments



  1. Medellin Colombia (South America)

WAØVQL Mark #14Ø ”

  1. Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

Ron and Linda Kidd ”

  1. Pray for Viney and his ministry work in India Prayer Requests and Praise by station:

AA8KJ Dave #6Ø9 requests prayer for his mother-in-law, her name is Alta Sanford. She is now in a Memory Care unit in Carrolton, TX (suburb of Dallas). She is enrolled in Hospice and they seem to be caring for her well. We were told that there are 7 stages of Dementia and she is in stage 7. It is really difficult on my wife, being an only child, to be this far away from her Mom, but she always refused to come to Ohio and we are settled in Findlay.  1/31 Friend Dan Smith is strugeling with health issues. 2/11/17 K4BSF Charley #618 Lets keep Charley and Barbara in prayer. We have not heard from them in a long time. Charley used to maintain the prayer list. 1/28 K4EET Rev. Dave #88Ø requests prayer for his health issues. He is imacted much more that most of us are when he catches a cold or flu, symptems are worse for Dave because of his condition. 2/10 K8GAP Mark #785 asks prayer for cancer patient Britney is not doing well. 2/11 KA8CCF Jerry #900 I would like prayers for my wife Char, (short for Charlotte). She has a scab or a spot on her nose and we are going in to the doctors this morning to get it checked out. 2/2 KA8EEJ David is battling Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, stage 3.

KA8UGB Tony asks prayer for Ernie Moore is in the hospital. 1/28 KA8YID Dave #843 pray for Gary Wheat had recent surgery for tumor on esophagus and now has internal bleeding. 2/1 KBØL Bernie #227 is wearing a heart monitor and will be enduring tests because of an irregular heartbeat. 2/11 KC5FM Lloyd #294pray for believers today; that “”we will be one, just as God and Jesus are one so that the world may believe”. Pray and DO what God says to pray and do.

Lloyd and his wife are suffering through colds, let’s pray for their comfort. 2/11 KDØHII Brian #847 has Praise to God for his parents celebrating their 62 Wedding Anniversary today January 28, 2017. Happy Anniversary! 1/28 KD0YOR Matt, PRAISE The Lord, is out of the hospital and recovering thanks for your prayers. 2/8 KF6CUE Cas #810 reports praise for friend and Brother in Christ Pat Champion who was having heart issues because of the cholesterol medication he was taking. Pat is much better now. 1/28 KG4ABA Lynn #7Ø8 it appears I may be moving to a place where a ham antenna has been pre approved…details to follow. 1/28 KK4OGX Don #894 lost his friend Ira, and asks for prayer. 2/8 N9NYX Don #466 Daughter-In-Law is having her gallbladder removed today. 2/11 ND8S Buz # 309 keep Buz in prayer. We have not heard from him in a long time. 1/28 WAØABG Orv #769 is home for a few days and checked in on the Saturday net.

He is returning to Rochester MN and staying at Hope Lodge Monday afternoon. Orv likes the lodge and enjoys the mile walk to and from the Mayo Clinic 2/11 WB8NPI Willis Two daughters have cancer.  One is undergoing chemotherapy,  one is going a different route.  Both need prayer.

WDX5FOY Clarence #853 (SWL) Pray for our government.

Deo Volente Ω

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