Prayer List – 23 April 2017

A. Medellin Colombia (South America)
WAØVQL Mark #14Ø Mark investing time preparing for Holy Week and a trip to the USA.  4/7


B. Montreal, Quebec (Canada)
Ron and Linda Kidd Pray for the conversion of Muslims in Montreal.


C. Pray for Vinay and his ministry work in India
This information came via Skype and was directed to Clarence, and the rest of us:
I received a message here from Vinay. He and the brethren wanted me to pass on a request to the CARF group concerning the orphan’s home. They are in need of help feeding the children. If you can help or know someone that would like to help, send the check marked:  ‘Vinay Mission work’ to:
Echo Hills Church of Christ 1106 Campbell Road, Goodlettsville, TN 37072
(615) 420-7250 or email:


Prayer Requests and Praise by station:


AA8KJ Dave #6Ø9 and wife are getting ready for a trip to see their daughter and family in Georgia. 4/18


K4EET Rev. Dave #88Ø requests prayer for his health issues. He is impacted much more than most of us are when he catches a cold or flu, symptoms are worse for Dave because of his condition.


K8BRJ Al A friends wife learned she has cancer. 4/14


K8GAP Mark #785 requests continued prayer for Brittney and added her husband Andy. He is scared of losing his wife as she battles cancer. 4/21


KA8CCF Jerry #900 is recovering from an operation on his toe. 4/19


KA8EEJ David is battling Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, stage 3.


KA8UGB Tony is receiving physical therapy on his leg. 4/21


KA8YID Dave #843 Please pray for Muriel Roll, wife of Duane-retired pastor.  Muriel has been struggling with deteriorating health for some time. Duane requested prayer for her.
Please add fellow church member/friend Bob Bertram to our list for prayer. Found out Sunday that Bob Has cancer. 4/4


KBØL Bernie #227 is recovering from his kidney stone removal and in good spirit. 4/22


KC4YGB Roy #892 asks that we pray for his mother and brother who both have health issues. 3/11


KC5FM Lloyd #294 pray for believers today; that “we will be one, just as God and Jesus are one so that the world may believe”. Pray and DO what God says to pray and do. Please pray for the survivors of all the wild fires in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.  Pray for Carl Harris and KF5MDW. 4/8

KDØHII Brian #847asks prayers for the showing and sale of their house. Brian also asks that we pray for Jerald, my brother-in-law, he had multiple surgeries this week to repair two primary things. The surgeries were invasive and will require a 6 to 9 weeks recovery. The surgical effort went well, but the next few weeks will be challenging. 4/7


KF6CUE Cas #810 requests prayer that one of the CARF members will come forward to assume the duties of maintaining the prayer list. As of now the last Praise and Prayer List I send out will be Sunday April 30.


KG6GCQ Debbie #811 requests prayer for my co-worker Jeannette and her boyfriend Mike (a Marine) who has cancer throughout his body. Please pray for Jeannette and Mike. 4/22


N5TQI Jim escaped tornados and bad weather in Gilmer, TX last night. 4/22


N8KCZ Debbie I have been diagnosed with complex migraines, which are the worst ones you can get, I have learned to pretty much deal with them. 4/7


WAØABG Orv #769 continues slow improvement after his recent radiation treatment regimen.  4/7


WB8TLZ Dave #149 We’re going to have to get after WB8TLZ and pray he fixes the 75 meter band.  So Dave, do something! After all, ‘You deserve it’ 4/22


WD8PIC Bob requests prayer that his sister will be kind to him. 4/17


WDX5FOY Clarence #853 (SWL)  Pray for our government.
Deo Volente

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