Summer is here and in full swing at my QTH in central Iowa. The squash, cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes are growing in the backyard garden and outdoor chores are numerous. We are fortunate to have had good weather here, although thunderstorms are frequent and my antenna has been unplugged more than a few times.

I often rely on a remote station for receiving and sometimes to transmit. Several of the guys on the CARF net are experienced users of remotes and can help if you’d like to learn more, and the website,, is also a good source of information. If you’d like more information about Remote Hams, see the article on page two of this newsletter, go to the Remote Hams website at, or just ask CARF members what they think of the system some morning before the CARF net begins.

Several of the guys also use Skype during our morning net. Most think of Skype as a video-based application, but it can also be used with text only, and that’s what you’ll find on our morning net. I fall in the categoryof those who have a “face made for radio” and typically avoid video Skype, but it’s easy to use Skype for text only, and it allows us to stay in touch with those hams unableto be on-the-air.

Summer also brings vacation bible school(VBS)programs for many churches.VBS at my church involves our entire congregation including everything from preparing snacks, crafts, teaching, setting up games, and even moving the pews in the sanctuary. And of course prayer: the daily devotional Our Daily Bread calls prayer our way of “recognizing God’s power and plans for our life.” VBS programs reach children through God’s grace and can bring them closer to the Lord by showing them His plan for their life. Please pray for VBS programs.

In closing, I’d like to say thank you to all of those who participate in the CARF net and support our organization. CARF has been active on the bands for more than fifty years and your efforts have kept our organization going; God still must have work for CARF to do!

Thanks guys for all of your work and dedication.

Michael Miller, ACØBD – CARF President

This article was written for the July 2017 edition of the CARF Newsletter. CARF members can log in and access our Newsletters page.